300 Hour Teacher Training

Rolling Enrollment for our Spring 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, LIVING Peace Love and Yoga!

Price: $3250

Commit to another level of your practice to learn the tools and practices to live your yoga beyond your mat. We know there is more to yoga than asana, but how do you share it with your students? We dive deep into subtle body, philosophy, and apply it directly to your life. Each weekend is themed with one of the main 7 chakras and the energies, body, poses associated with it. We cover advanced asana, as well as common transitions and advanced sequencing that will help you refine your teaching skills. Our Beyond the Mat section teaches you self-care, and helps you shape your lifestyle of your dreams. Live what you teach, stay inspired, nourish yourself and be the best version of yourself.

The new structure of the 300 TT takes the content subjects and groups them together. Our 300 TT will now be all module format with rolling enrollment. This means that you could jump in now and your first module will be the Gita Philosophy module beginning 2/28, or jump into the module after that etc. The required modules on repeat every 12-18 months. Some sections will be open to yogis for CEU’s, other students and levels of teachers.

Live what you teach, stay inspired, nourish yourself and be the best version of yourself.

Hear From Our Graduates

So grateful for this 300hr training. The lead trainers are supportive, knowledgeable, and encouraging. My teaching has elevated with the many different techniques and modalities I’ve learned. The in-depth study of spiritual texts provided a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. I would take this again! – Audrey B. 

I highly recommend any courses and trainings provided through Living Beyond the Mat. Jessica is an amazing instructor and has guided me to a much deeper understanding of yoga and my practice than I ever thought possible. She lives what she teaches and models professionalism in all of her actions and support of her students. -Roxanne G.

After finishing my 200 Hour YTT at PLAY, I wanted to dive deeper into the reasons we do yoga in the first place. I continued in the 300 Hour YTT with Jess because she is masterful and inspiring. Also, she explains complex ideas in a relatable and fun way. I was not only able to incorporate the yoga tenets I had learned into my daily life, but I was able to enjoy being still on my mat for the first time. I was so impressed by this that I chose to teach about the “Obstacles to Stillness” as my final workshop. Learning the yoga philosophy has also helped me to understand myself better and how I relate to the people around me. It has not only been a catalyst to a lifelong journey of self-knowledge and spiritual growth, it has been the biggest gift I’ve ever given to myself. My hope is to share this gift with others, and create a world with more compassion and gratitude. I highly recommend the 300 YTT at PLAY! -Anna L.

Join our Spring 2024 Cohort!

Modules begin 5/29/24

Our comprehensive 300 hour training includes:

Advanced Asana

Integrated Philosophy

Advanced Subtle Body And Speciality

Refined Teaching Methods

Applied Anatomy

Beyond The Mat

Enjoy complimentary classes at Peace Love and Yoga during Part 1 with your Teacher Training Tuition!

Led by Jessica McGimsey E-RYT 500

Jessica found yoga 10 years ago and wasn’t a fan. Yet, there was something that was drawing her to it, fueling her determination to find a form of Yoga that worked for her. She tried almost all forms, enjoying some, and feeling unsatisfied with others. After finding a heated vinyasa flow that spoke to her, the love for yoga began to grow. Since then, she has grown to appreciate all forms of yoga, and how each style benefits the body, mind and spirit in their unique ways.

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