• Father’s Day with PLAY
  • June Pose of the Month
    Urdhva Hastasana, or Upward Facing Hands, is more than just a foundational pose you can find in pretty much every flow, and serves as the starting posture of your Surya Namaskar A Sun Salutations. Also known as Uttitha Hastasana, or Extended Hands in Mountain, this sturdy stance is a gateway to grounding the body and connecting to your Muladhara Chakra, while actively improving your posture.  To get into Urdhva Hastasana: 1. Stand… Read more: June Pose of the Month
  • Connecting to your Koshas
    Are you familiar with the 5 koshas? This Vedantic philosophy is a pillar of yoga that not many practitioners are familiar with, as the concept is usually only covered in deeper immersions of subtle body training, like our 300hr YTT program.  Essentially the koshas are layers of oneself- the word kosha means “sheath.” As you explore and peel away at each layer, much like an onion, you come closer to the core… Read more: Connecting to your Koshas
  • Meditation to Keep Your Mental Health Afloat
    As we get further into May and the inner wisdom it brings as Mental Health Awareness month, it is a great time to learn new tools that actively reduce stress, depression and anxiety. Meditation is a well documented combatant against cortisol, the hormone responsible for spikes in stress that can lead to long term illness. A regular meditation practice has been proven not only to lower this specific hormone but also increase… Read more: Meditation to Keep Your Mental Health Afloat
  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month
    As we flow into May, we celebrate a month centered around Mental Health Awareness. Life can be #teamtoomuch sometimes, and your mental health can take hit after hit, so developing tools for mental resilience, clarity, and calm are paramount to not just surviving, but THRIVING. Breath work, or Pranayama, as you might hear it called in class, involves ancient techniques that have stood the test of time, for good reason. One of… Read more: May is Mental Health Awareness Month
  • April Pose of the Month
    As April begins to unfold and bloom, so does our journey toward self growth on and off the mat. Seeing Spring blossom before us is a reminder to continue planting small seeds now to yield big results later. What better way to invite expansion into your practice than with our Pose of the Month- Revolved Triangle!
  • PLAY Anniversary Special!
    PLAY is turning 14! Help us celebrate with this extended Auto-Debit deal!
  • 3 Ways To Conquer March Madness
    Challenging yourself to achieve new feats is a cornerstone of growth and change. It’s about venturing to your edge, beyond your comfort zone, embracing discomfort, and discovering the depths of your potential. It’s also about finding how to create a healthy balance of what your mind and body needs and what it doesn’t. In the pursuit of challenges (like 31 classes in 31 days) the support of balance enriches the journey. Think… Read more: 3 Ways To Conquer March Madness
  • March Pose of the Month
    Lion’s Breath in Goddess Pose
  • Glow with the Flow
    Kick off March Madness with a fun blacklight flow!
  • New Beginnings Workshop
    Join us at PLAY for a transformative plant-powered workshop March 16th 4-6pm!
  • Join PLAY for March Madness
    31 Classes in 31 Days!
  • Partner Yoga & Free Vday Classes!
    Fun things happening in February! For Partner Yoga sign ups are available on the schedule starting 2/4/24! To bring your loved one for free on 2/14/24, reserve your spot in advance and get to the studio at least 15-20 minutes early to get your plus one registered with the front desk.
  • February Pose of the Month
    Wild Thing (Camatkarasna) Wild Thing, or Camatkarasana is a dynamic heart opening pose you might recognize from Hot Flow. If you’ve ever heard a teacher offer you to “flip your dog” before you come into your Downward Facing Pigeon, you know Wild Thing. As we flip into February, a month intrinsically tied to the celebration of all things heart centered and love loaded, this pose whose Sanskrit definition poetically translates to “the ecstatic unfolding of the… Read more: February Pose of the Month
  • New Classes at PLAY!
    Exciting new offerings are on the schedule!

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