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3 Ways To Conquer March Madness

Challenging yourself to achieve new feats is a cornerstone of growth and change. It’s about venturing to your edge, beyond your comfort zone, embracing discomfort, and discovering the depths of your potential. It’s also about finding how to create a healthy balance of what your mind and body needs and what it doesn’t.

In the pursuit of challenges (like 31 classes in 31 days) the support of balance enriches the journey. Think of it like if you were sent on an epic quest. Without proper rest and balance in body and mind, you might miss some important lessons along the way on account of being distracted by a deficiency in your tool chest. You need those tools to sustain your journey and your growth, so here’s 3 things to keep in mind while you challenge yourself this March:


Getting a good nights sleeping is the scaffolding upon which you build your body’s functionality. This means it is a vital component of creating, pursuing, and achieving your goals, physical or otherwise. Taking 31 classes in 31 days can result in major soreness and getting a good nights sleep aids in the recovery of cells, repair of tissues, and replenishment of energy store, to bring you back to optimal functioning. Naps are your friend this month, and don’t be afraid to make a solid nights sleep one of your priorities, foregoing late night scrolling, staying away from screens an hour before bed, and taking a break from any late night snacking that may have has made it’s way into your evening habits.

Redefine your Practice

Redefining your practice can mean treating your Hot Flow or Vinyasa class as more restorative with the use of support like blocks and taking Childs Pose more often, or you can step into our classes designed for restoration in Studio 2 such as PLAY Restore, Yin, and Aerial. We are also offering Hot Flow Zen, a class designed to introduce a more restorative aspect to our signature sequence. Challenging yourself to new kinds of classes that support your nervous system and aide in a good nights sleep is a wonderful way to complete 31 classes while still maintaining a nice balance of support in your body.


Now is not the time to skimp on hydration or protein rich foods. PLAY sells LMNT at the front desk, which supplements Sodium, Magnesium, and Potassium. All things you probably just sweat out in that last hour of How Flow. Make sure you are replenishing yourself after every class with electrolytes. Stomach upset may occur if you take class within an hour of your last meal so it’s important to plan your food intake accordingly. This doesn’t mean come to class on an empty stomach, though. We recommend something small and simple, a banana or a green juice, if you need to eat in that hour before class, and major refueling afterward. Your body needs nutrients to function so set yourself up for success by stocking up on fresh veggies, protein and easy healthy snacks. We also sell GoMacro bars at the front desk if you need something before your drive home. Or maybe you keep a box of your favorite nutrition bar in your car this month. The easier these things are to access, the higher rate of success you’ll have in consuming what you need to conquer new feats this month!

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