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10 Tips To Being More Mindful

Hi Yogis. As the seasons being to change and we start to make the transition into fall and the holiday season, it’s a great time to be reminded to do things with intention. This is the perfect time to be more mindful. Today, we want to discuss 10 tips to being more mindful.

10 Tips To Being More Mindful

  1. Slow Down – One of the best ways to be more mindful is to slow down.
  2. Eat With Intention – Take time to eat your meals. Sit down and enjoy your food. Make sure you eat healthy and give your body the nutrients you need.
  3. Get Outdoors – Each day get outside. Walk in nature and take a deep breath.
  4. Take Off Your Shoes – Walk outside with your shoes off. Connect with the earth. Feel the sand and earth between your toes.
  5. Meditate – Even if your meditation is in small segments, it is worth the moments to stop and breath. Take five minutes a deep to meditate and focus on your prana, your breath, your life force.
  6. Take A Break From Electronics – Sign off from your phone and computers. An electronic detox is a must.
  7. Complete Tasks – Try to complete one task before you start another. This allows you to remain focused and also gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  8. Exercise – Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind. Move your body by going for a walk, riding a bike or practicing yoga.
  9. Journal – Start or end your day with a journal. Write down things that bring you joy or things that you want to work on.
  10. Take A Break – If you are feeling overwhelmed take a break and step away.

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