Emily Berry

Emily first began her yoga practice in 2011 at PLAY. A friend had invited her to come try out a free class at a fun studio that she had just discovered. As a lifelong gymnast and fitness enthusiast, Emily was excited to try something new. After that first class she was hooked and began to incorporate weekly yoga classes into her fitness routine. Given her long history in gymnastics, many of the physical asanas came fairly naturally to her but the deeper side of yoga still felt foreign. For the first several years of her practice Emily saw yoga as just another form of fitness; a way to workout, sweat, stretch, and feel amazing.

In 2017, after being a stay at home mom for 2 years, Emily decided to go through the 200 hour teacher training program at PLAY. She then went on to complete the Hot Flow mentorship at PLAY in 2018 with Monique Cornfield. It was during these trainings that she really began to feel her yoga practice deepen and take on a more meaningful role in her life.

Emily loves the practice of yoga and its effects on the body and mind. She looks forward to sharing this with students as they learn and grow in their practices together.

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