Barbara Fisher

Barbara’s yoga journey began in 2000 after a car accident injured her back. After months of chiropractic work and without much lasting effect, a friend suggested yoga. Her first class was a Bikram class. She did 10 consecutive days and was hooked! Her back didn’t hurt, her body felt great and her mind was clear. Barbara continued with a daily Bikram practice for ten years, including throughout her pregnancy in 2008 with Rajashree Choudhury’s maternity sequence. In 2010 Barbara discovered Peace Love and Yoga, a heated Vinyasa style studio, and absolutely fell in love with the active movement of Vinyasa flow. She believes the Bikram sequence was a wonderful foundation for a strong yoga practice but her yoga world really opened up when she discovered there were so many more postures than Bikram’s twenty six asana poses. Peace Love and Yoga is where Barbara met Jessica McGimsey, Monique Saunders, Susan Taylor and Diane Najjar, her mentors since 2010. In 2015 Barbara received her 200 hour RYI Yoga Teacher Training Certificate at Peace Love and Yoga. She is currently finishing up her 300 hour RYI Certificate in at Mira Costa under the guidance of Stacy McCarthy. Barbara is an energetic, unique and dynamic yoga teacher. She loves to teach a very active Vinyasa class but is also very in tune with her students, allowing her to teach an adaptable class to any level. She is compassionate in her teaching and loves sharing the incredible benefits of a yoga practice. To Barbara, yoga is a way to find balance and peace. It is a method of bringing together the body, mind and heart. It is an inward search to find the best inside ourselves and express it through the union of the physical, mental and spiritual parts of ourselves.

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