Anna Lyons

Anna’s first Hatha Yoga class was in college. She remembers caring more about how she looked in her yoga pants back then. There were a lot of self-critical thoughts and judgement looking in the mirror, but she liked pushing herself and loved the release of anxiety as she became more aware of my breath.

Then in her thirties, Anna worked as a massage therapist and practiced Hot Yoga in Huntington Beach, CA. It was a great stress reliever and she loved feeling energized and relaxed…all at the same time! But eventually life got busy, Covid changed her priorities, and eventually she found herself an empty nester. She realized that it was finally time to take care of herself. So, at the suggestion of a friend, and yoga teacher, she came to Peace Love and Yoga in Carlsbad. 

Not only did she complete her 500 Hour Certification here, but she’s found a new home. She has grown to incorporate the yoga tenets personally, and is able to enjoy being still on her mat for the first time in her life. Yoga has changed her life, her spiritual connection, and her desire to share this with others. She chose to focus on Yin Yoga and Meditation, the opening of connective tissue and releasing deep tension, and increasing the flow of our vital energy. Anna likes to inspire her students with affirmations, ambient music, attention to mindfulness and challenging them to be still in poses that they may have taken for granted when moving in a regular flow. 

She feels that yoga has not only been a catalyst to a lifelong journey of self-knowledge and spiritual growth, it has been the biggest gift she’s ever given to herself. Anna’s hope is to share this gift with others, and create a world with more compassion and gratitude.

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