Emily Luckie

Emily’s first experience of yoga was 2010. She took a hot yoga class in sweat pants, without a towel and without a clue what she was getting into. But as soon as the class started breathing and moving mindfully, she realized that she was there for a reason. And so began Emily’s affinity for yoga and mindfulness. She completed her 200 hour certification through YogaWorks under Jessica Seaborn, who Emily fully believes to be an angel and a guru. She learned so much from Jessica, beyond just the poses. She sparked in Emily an exploration of self, solidifying her desire to be a forever student. Shortly thereafter, she completed her Bachelors Degree in Biology, but continued to study herself and search for greater meaning. She attended yoga, philosophy, and astrology workshops and classes all over Southern California. It was only relatively recently that Emily realized that though all of that information had great purpose and meaning, it would not bring her to herself. Only she could do that. And now she finds herself always on a mission to self discovery. Emily hopes to invite others to look inward in search of themselves or reconnect and redefine a sense of self. In Emily’s classes, you will have the opportunity to do just that as you move your body in fun, sometimes challenging, and mindful ways, all the while cultivating a sense of peace and ease within. Join her for classes or contact me with any questions.

Emily Luckie is Yoga Alliance RYT-200hr certified.

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