Erich Schiefelbine

Mental, physical, and spiritual balance is the key to wellness and a fulfilling existence.  That’s easier said than done, though, as our body, mind, and spirit needs change over time: Years of skateboarding, playing soccer and running long-distance finally caught up with my lower back. I wasn’t in my 20s anymore.  And as an attorney, professional and physical stress began to swell at the office, as did personal-life challenges outside the office.  Surfing has always been a low-impact, indispensable practice; but good swell is fickle.  I hoped to find an activity that was (1) consistently available, that was (2) low-compression on my back and joints, and that (3) offered a fulfilling experience like time in the water does.  So when I took my first hot yoga class on a Groupon several years ago, I was hooked.

After practicing with many studios, when I first practiced at PLAY I felt something unique beyond its excellent instruction: PLAY has a solid community vibe.  I’m stoked to teach at PLAY, and look forward to meeting you on the mat.

There are no destinations other than the present moment, and unlearning to remain in the present moment is The Journey.  Keep going.

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