Erin Holmes

I’ve been a tap dancer since I was 3 so in the past I always assumed I was too hyper for yoga. What I didn’t realize is that  yoga was exactly what I needed in my life. Linking breathe to slow controlled movement allowed me to experience moving meditation… clarity of mind and cleansing of the heart. Needless to say I fell in love with this practice of life. I’ve been teaching since 2010 and received my 200 hr teacher training through Core Power with emphasis on a set vinyasa flow. As soon as I graduated I was lucky enough to head straight into teaching at Peace Love and Yoga. I taught classes such as Hot Flow, Play 1 and Yoga Sport. Unfortunately, a bad car accident left me with serious lower lumbar and cervical issues which eventually resulted in major back surgery in January of 2013. Since it was unsafe for me to practice yoga let alone teach, I went on hiatus for a year to rehab my mind, body and soul. While I was away, I completed my 500hr teacher training at Prana in La Jolla through Yoga Works. The extra training allowed me to discover why I’m unique and make yoga a career in a densely populated sea of part time teachers. While I’ve been healing for the last year slow and steady, I focused on meditation, Nucca chiropractic care, and acupuncture. I also stayed at the Optimal Health institute where I learned how to eat A Raw Detox plant based diet. This regimen was designed to take the inflammation out of my body so I could heal as fast as possible. My entourage of doctors, friends and family took note and couldn’t believe my progress. Through my own conquest to recover as natural as possible, I realized how little information people know about connecting the mind, body and soul to relax enough and heal the body at its highest potential. My pain management doctors were so impressed at the rate I was healing they asked me to form a workshop to help others in the same situation. I recently finished a 4wk workshop on how to reduce pain and suffering through yoga, nutrition and meditation. I’m honored to help those who’ve lost hope from dealing with so much pain and help them to find strength, light and stability. I’ve also formed a business called The Raw Snack Shack which spreads healthy raw and organic eating to music festivals and soon to be co-ops along the California coast. I’ve changed tragedy to triumph by realizing what brings me most joy is helping others find a strong, healthy, fun life. My friends, family and students keep me lifted and make it easy for me to love my job. I’m extremely excited and thankful to be back at PLAY and can’t wait to see what each day brings. Whatever the case I know yoga will always be in my life because it is my life. I am peace. I am yoga.

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