Kim Kochergen

Kim first started yoga back in college. As she walked into her first class, she remembers thinking – “you want me to be quiet for 90 minutes, not speak, find my center, and do these weird-looking postures? There is no way!!!” Little did she know that that class would change her life. She immediately fell in love with yoga. 

It was more physical for Kim in her early years of practice and a way she learned to manage her thoughts and quiet her mind. It became her hour of solace, a place to escape the world, the chattering mind, and find peace. She grew up playing sports and loved that even in the hot room, she could still challenge herself to master postures and try new ones. It became a space where she learned to not compete with anyone else but only focus on herself, not what was happening around her. 

After college, Kim worked a string of high-stress jobs with long hours. At this time, she started to lean on her practice to help find joy, peace, solace, self-care, love, and stillness in a very busy life. 

Around that time, Kim decided to get her 200-hour teaching because yoga impacted her life, way of thinking, and living so much; she wanted to share it with other people. She wanted others to experience the life-changing effects of yoga and for them to be able to come to her class, and whatever they needed from that hour, she could provide them with space and guide them through the practice to help them achieve whatever they sought. 

After being diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer and spending six years fighting cancer, yoga became Kim’s center in her journey. She started living yoga in a way she never had before, and the mat helped her through some of the most difficult times. It didn’t matter if she felt she had conquered a new advanced posture or meditated on the mat for 60 minutes; it was her time, practice, and safe space. Yoga was Kim’s therapy and place to come heal. This transformation and health journey led her to PLAY’s 300-hour teacher training, and in the end, would make Kim a 500-hour certified teacher with hopes of reaching more people. She aspires to continue growing her knowledge to become a better teacher, provide the best classes for students, and integrate this passion and love for yoga into everyday life. 

Kim loves sharing this practice with people and hope it helps impact others in similar ways it has impacted her.

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