Liz Molek

I have always enjoyed movement for as long as I can remember. I began running with my Dad as a kid, and also competitively swam for ten years. While running and swimming were amazing forms of exercise, they didn’t quite leave me with the sensation that my body craved: the release that I experience post flow during Savasana. 

I had intermittently practiced yoga as a teenager and throughout college, but had never fully made the commitment. It was not until I moved across the country to southern California and found PLAY, when I realized I was ready to dive deeper into asana, breathwork and the relationship they have. Yoga is a practice I found that serves what my body needs; bringing a new balance and outlook to my life and wellness journey. 

The staff at PLAY, especially the 200 hour teachers: Jess, Monique, Emily, Megan, Fall, Diane and Jesse held a safe and welcoming space for me as I grew and I cannot thank them enough for their support and encouragement in this journey. 

It is truly an honor and a pinch me moment to be guiding students through hot flow. I am so excited to get to know this community of Yogis on a deeper level, while continuing to foster the same welcoming and accepting environment that I was shown to all that walk through the door to practice. 

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