Monique Cornfield


Monique’s passion for movement began as a child. First as a competitive swimmer and long distance runner; then venturing into cycling so began her journey as a triathlete. On the path to becoming a professional athlete, she began to feel off balance and less connected to the world, her family and friends. It wasn’t until a friend invited her to a Bikram yoga class that she realized how much she had been missing and what it truly meant to be grounded. With the combination of doing something different and finding that inner connection – she soon hung up her bike and kicked the running shoes and goggles to the side and began to emerge herself in her yoga practice.

Two years into her practice fate would open the door for an opportunity for Monique to participate in the Yoga Tropics first teacher training. Being in the first training – she was apart of the core group that would shape Yoga Tropics into the success it has become.

When Monique is not teaching, she enjoys running, being with her family and supporting two very active kids.

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